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About Rusnak Photography

Pet photography is my passion!
I’ve always been a creative person, and being a full time graphic designer/illustrator you’ll rarely see me without my Nikon camera. My true beginning to pet photography started when our eleven year old yellow Labrador retriever, Rosie, was diagnosed with cancer. That was the day I began recording her life with my camera (before digital) every chance I could. Rosie survived the cancer and radiation treatment, thanks to the Washington State  School of Veterinarian Medicine, and lived a long and healthy life of 15 years. 

My Canine Roots.
As a child, the first dog I remember was our German Shepherd, Suzie. She was our protector and family member. Growing up, I remember my parents frequently bringing home local dogs in need that had been neglected or abused.  We would foster the dogs back to health and then find a safe home for them.

While visiting my uncle during the holiday’s, our family was preparing for the road trip home. I noticed my father doing a good deed. He climbed the back fence at my uncle’s home, released and rescued a dog that had been chained in the yard for years. The dog was suffering from neglect and malnutrition. We brought the dog home and nursed it back to health. This beautiful Irish Setter, Patrick, became our new best friend. Patrick was brought back to health and adopted months later to a good home. Then along came a Great Dane we named Tower … and the rest is history!

Photographer since 1925 in dog years.

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